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  1. The Vehicle is driven, tested (including road test outside the workshop), repaired and parked at the sole risk, responsibility and liability of the Customer. In case of damage due to an accident, repairs will be carried out at customer cost and or under the insurance of the vehicle.

  2. The Customer agrees to indemnify the Automaster against any risk, liability/responsibility for loss or damage to the vehicle and / or life or property of all persons arising out of repairing / servicing / test driving of the vehicle when the vehicle is in the Automaster’s custody and the Customer confirms to have obtained valid insurance policy of the Vehicle.

  3. It may not be practically possible to notice and record on the work order, the working or condition of various Electrical and Mechanical components, sub-assemblies, accessories, all the damages, dents, crack glasses, broken wind screens, cracked bumper and scratches on body etc on the vehicle at the time of accepting the vehicle, and if the same are noticed during repairs & servicing, the decision of workshop in charge will be final.

  4. The Customer will not hold Automaster responsible / Liable for any delay in delivery / in carrying out of repairs / in procurement of spare parts for reasons beyond the control of Automaster.

  5. Customer is advised to remove any valuable items (Cash, Gold items etc.) from the Vehicle at the time of handing over the Vehicle to the Automaster. Automaster will not be responsible for any valuable / article / item left in the car by the customer.

  6. The Customer under takes to make payment of all charges including applicable taxes before taking delivery of the vehicle. Modes of payment are cash or credit or Debit card only. Demand Draft and Pay-Order should be made in favor of the Automaster & payable at < Ernakualm>. If the bill settlement is delayed beyond a period of 7 days, Automaster may charge interest @ 14% p.a. on the outstanding bill amount from the date on which the vehicle was ready for delivery until payment is made.

  7. The Customer undertakes to take delivery of the Vehicle within 24 hours of advice from Automaster regarding completion of the work after making payments towards repair charges including labor & cost of spare parts, if any. In the event of Customer not taking the delivery of the car from Automaster premises within the above timeline, Customer shall be liable to pay Parking charges @ Rs.100/- per day along with the charges towards repair, labor, spare parts etc till the date of Customer taking physical delivery of the Vehicle.

  8. Automaster will have a lien on the Vehicle until all above mentioned dues are settled to Automaster’s satisfaction.

  9. No vehicle will be delivered without this receipt. Automaster’s risk and responsibility, if any shall cease on delivery of the Vehicle to the Customer.

  10. Salvage of repaired vehicle shall be taken by the Customer at the time of taking the delivery of the car. Salvage not claimed / taken at the time of delivery will be disposed of as scrap & customer shall have no right to claim it.

  11. All disputes and differences arising from this Term and conditions shall be settled by mutual discussion and in case mutually acceptable settlement is not arrived, any such dispute shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of court in <Ernakulam> only.

  12.  The services & offer is subject to force majeure clause.

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