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  • Car A/C Repair or gas charging

    If your car a/c is not cooling well there must be a problem. May by just cleaning the cabin filter it will make better but not all the times. There is a gas filled in the system to make it cool. The car a/c gas is getting less slowly with in two three years is normal. So a new car after three years the cooling system will reduce the performance. In that case a normal gas topping up will solve the problem. But some times the cooling is suddenly stops, that means there is some problem came. There are plenty of parts fitted in the system to work normally. A/C compressor, evaporator, condenser, aluminum pipes, rubber hoses, cooling fan, condenser cooling fan, blower fan and a/c control switches, a/c blower fan motor speed control regulators etc. Any one of the above parts stop working will affect the system accordingly. So we will check your system for proper diagnosing and find exact problems and repair or replace parts accordingly. The works and labor charge will be vary to each model and makes.

  • Suspension works

    If you feel any unusual sound from under body of your car you must check it. It could be a week shock absorb-er, or its mounting is week. There are plenty of parts fitted underneath the vehicle for smoothness while running. While it run in the life span with weer and tear the parts will damage and some times it will be with small accidents. Any parts is week or damage that must be change. Suspension includes, shock absorb-er, lower arm, upper arms, steering ball joints, tie rod ends. mountings, stabilizer links, balance rod and bushes, springs and rubber bushes etc. We will check for week and damaged parts and replace accordingly.

  • General Services

    Check and add other fluids, like coolant, Brake and Clutch Fluid, Gear Oil. Check and clean four wheels brakes change parts if necessary. Adjust clutch if required. Check all electrical components for proper working. Check lights and bulbs. Check suspension and steering for damage parts and change if required. Checking for water leaks, oil leaks belts and all moving parts for damage. Repair or replace parts as required. Car washing and cleaning interior and exterior.

  • Brake Service

    Change brake pads or brake shoes, brake vacuum booster change, brake master cylinder or wheel cylinder change etc. Brake rotor change or leveling by machine shop etc.

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